Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Guess who's back... Back again

After a 2 year hiatus filled with the usual chaos, calamity and carnage that I proudly call my life, I'm back! Those of you with savant like memories will remember that this blog used to called '5feet10' (named very aptly after my height) and featured beauty, fashion and lifestyle type posts. I will be starting from where I left off, however KATwoman will now include at least three times more ranting and opinionated content.

Scrolling through my blogging list I was getting so fed up of seeing the same posts and the same five sentence reviews all merging into a completely forgettable muddle. My aim is to break this mould, and give you my 100% honest opinion without all of the B.S that goes with it.

So whats happened in the two years you were desperately missing me? In a nutshell .. are you ready?

Broken laptop - Break Up with Boyfriend (nothing to do with the broken laptop) - House move - New laptop - House move - Plan to go to Cape Town for 3 months but at the last minute decide not to - House Move - Acquire new Boyfriend - House Move - New Job, Retire from Modelling - Quit Job, Pretend I never said I had quit Modelling and start Re-Modelling - Present Day.

Spot the common denominator? The London house moving situation deserves a blog post all to itself, which will be coming shortly.

I'm glad to be back :)


P.S Blogger has changed and until I found Vincent Quek's easy to follow guide I was on the verge of frisbeeing my laptop right out the window. If anyone is having trouble using the platform I'd really recommend that post.